Exclusive collection of non-commercially available materials
This private page’s aim is to thank some people.

To avoid any frustration, you have to distinguish 2 things :

1 > ABBAinter.net main web-site :
Online since 2004 and
available to everyone;
Includes rare & exclusive TV video-archives for download;
To this day, no less than 460 videos were offered to the fans. This service is free.
To visit ABBAinter.net, click on this link : ABBAinter.net

2 > ABBAinter.net private access page :
only to friends and to people i want to thank;
For example, people who have distinguished themselves by their
kindness or who shared.
Only those people will be granted access. Requests from other people will be ignored.

Access is given to a download-page (regularly updated)
with zip-packs consiting of
exclusive & unreleased material (audio/video + printable CD/DVD artwork).
To this day, no less than 71 packs were given to thank people. This service is free.

For a temporary access (at least 48H) you have to send an e-mail with your name & country
+ a little note about who you are
/ or a description of what you have to share (if this is the first time you share)

For e-mailling, click on this link : info@ABBAinter.net

Thank you to all the people who have helped ABBAinter.net over the years :
Terry Climer (USA)
Philippe Elan (The Netherlands)
Pascal Maillotte (France)
Edward Veldman (The Netherlands)
Gareth Thomas (Wales / Great Britain)
Hans "Johnny" Linde (Germany)
Loraine Minchetti (Brazil)
Myriam Pöhler Sjöbeck (Sweden)
Markku Veijola (Finland)
Nicholas Fältskog (Great Britain)
Monique Munerez (France)
John-Steven Warren (Scotland)
Hampus Nilsson (Sweden)
Bernd Scheiber (Germany)
Mikael Andersson (Sweden)
Nigel Barnes (Great Britain)
Pelle Persson (Sweden)
Sascha Denzel (Germany)
Sergey Ivzhenko (Ukraine)
Peter Willetts (Leeds / Great Britain)
Ettie Talstra (Netherlands)
Gerardo Faulin (Spain)
Stephen Bates (Bristol / Great Britain)
Manuel Siebenborn (Germany)
Guido (Germany)
Henk (Netherlands)
Jan Steiner (Czech Republic)
Daniel Flores (Chile)
Mark Artley (Great Britain)
Igor (Russia)
Lee Gale
Kate (Russia)
Thomas Wolff (Germany)
Chris Taylor
Josep (Spain)
Erik Liebstaedter (Spain)
Yvonne Spring (Sweden)
Samy Snail (Great Britain)

Some asked to remain anonymous, so they are not listed.
If your name is omitted or not spelled correctly, please, send an

This page contains unreleased or unavailable material and nothing that can be bought legally.
It is not intended for a public access.