Paris, march 2, 2012
updated july 10, 2012

Dear ABBAinter.net visitors,

YouTube has a fake "ABBAinter.net" channel
from an identity-usurper.

Despite being asked to stop, the usurper continues.
For now, there's no control on this and i'm compromised.

After years of hard work on ABBAinter.net (since 2004),
to be recognised, to gain a strong reputation and popularity,
the arm is unrecoverable.

To make it clear :
> usurper
s YouTube channel : LINK
> official ABBAinter.net YouTube channel : LINK
> ABBAinter.net web-site : LINK

Everything is made to communicate as me,
nothing is let to the luck :
> "ABBAinter.net" trademark, registered-name, logos
> duplication of many videos from ABBAinter.net
> crap/fake ABBAinter.net videos (with end-flag)
> "ABBAinter.net" credited on some disgusting videos
> "by ABBAinter.net" writen in some titles
> my face-photography (from a forum)
> my inititials (pHd)
> YouTube channel-layout duplication

As a result, the usurper deceives visitors,
as we see messages to "Philippe Dupont" on his channel.

See how people are mistaken :

It is likely that we are dealing
with a person who has serious disorders.

The damages are unrecoverable :
despite some layout changes,
there are thousands fake videos circulating on YouTube;
Everything will remain : calumny, comments, false advertising.

Please, help ABBAinter.net

by posting comments on the usurper's videos,
telling that this account is not the genuine one.

If you are a web-site owner,
do not become his accomplice.

Please, ask your "ABBA friends" to read this text.

Philippe Dupont

PS :

as soon as the files are kept intact & not re-edited,
everyone is free to re-upload videos on YouTube,
this helps ABBAinter.net
to be known by the fans.

Here is the usurper
’s YouTube page : LINK

Here is the official ABBAinter.net YouTube page :